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Confessions Of A Crappy Christian Podcast

Dec 8, 2021

Listen in as your host gets mildly emotional and really honest about what the last three years of podcasting have looked like - good, bad, & beautiful. We also have two really exciting announcements for you - one exclusively here on the podcast! 

To connect with Blake: 


Instagram: @thegirlnamedblake and @crappychristianco

If you’re looking for another podcast to listen to, my friend D-Bo down in Orlando is hosting an amazing show called Young Married Christian. He sits down with Christian Creators like myself (Episode 7!) and gets their thoughts on marriage and parenting. Check out Young Married Christian on Apple Podcasts, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, or wherever you listen to podcasts..

There’s a lot of essential oil companies to choose from, but Blake loves Simply Earth for their quality, prices, and that 13% of their profit goes to fighting against human trafficking. Head to and use code: BLAKEFREE for a $40 gift card after purchase.