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Confessions Of A Crappy Christian Podcast

Jun 29, 2022

Listen in as Blake chats with her real life best friend Kyleigh about the battle field of friendship, how their relationship brought about healing, and what a “safe” friendship looks & feels like.

I wrote a book! Confessions of a Crappy Christian, the book, is my heart poured out on paper. It’s real-life talk about the things Christians aren’t sure they’re supposed to say. It’s like my podcast and instagram x1000. I write about mental health, being a fiery woman in the church, friendship breakups, and more, from the perspective of my life and how God has moved. You can pre-order through this link!

I've been the mom stressed to tears at the idea of being home with her kids all summer, and I want to give you the tools I've gathered to make it not just bearable, but wonderful. You can put things in motion now to create and cultivate peace and joy in your home this summer, regardless of if you work, don't work, work part time, or aren't really sure what you do. You can experience a summer that is filled with sweet memories and is full of being present where your feet are. The Crappy Christian Mom's Summer Field Guide is here to help with that by giving you some bowling alley style bumpers to work with. Head to to gather more info and grab your copy today!