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Dodge Movie Podcast

Jan 28, 2024

Rocky is Sylvester Stallone’s first writing and starring role. He portrays a struggling boxer from Philadelphia who gets a chance to fight a world heavyweight champion. While struggling to be a champion boxer he is pursuing his love for the corner pet shop girl, Adrienne. 



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Jan 21, 2024

E.T. is the story of Elliot who discovers an alien sleeping in his backyard shed and decides to help the extra terrestrial call home to be able to return to his home planet. Following the success of Jaws, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET is from Steven Spielberg. The film won four Oscars and many other wins and...

Jan 14, 2024

Spinal Tap is the first spoof on the rockumentary following one of England’s loudest bands. Director Rob Reiner plays Marty De Bergi who chronicles the bands fateful tour.



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Jan 7, 2024

The Rose stars Bette Midler and portrays the tumultuous life of a self-destructive rock star who is ready for a break and dealing with all of the pressures of her rock star life and career. She clashes with her business manager who wants her two fulfill her contract and keep working.



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