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Dodge Movie Podcast

Feb 21, 2021

Today Mike and Christi fawn over the film Plus One, this generations romantic comedy. It is a little more raunchy and a little more rowdy.  Two friends who are tired of attending their friend’s wedding agree to be each other’s plus one. Alice (Maya Erskine) and Ben (Jack Quaid) are forced to rehearse toasts, purchase gifts and pay for hotel rooms as all of their friends are getting married. Their relationship throughout the ten weddings change to more than just friends. We also include our our regular features like: Mike’s pick up line, the smoochie and pause count and a rundown of the numbers.



“And she(Alice) really plays up kind of this role of being the manic pixie frat guy in this film. And I think there's a commitment and earnestness that makes this character work, even though it's kind of like your drunken buddy in college, except they're out of college and they probably should start getting their lives under control by now” - Mike Dodge


We cover the aspects of this film like:


  • How the traditional gender roles are flipped
  • The use of handheld and why it is annoying sometimes
  • Why blurry twinkle lights in the background makes every shot beautiful
  • The way that their characters change over the course of the film.
  • The use of location to reduce the budget that benefits independent filmmakers
  • More show-don’t-tell techniques
  • The use of costuming to convey character growth

Next Weeks Film: Blue Jay on Netflix

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