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Dodge Movie Podcast

Nov 5, 2023

City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold follows up with Mitch and company one year after their first adventure. They discover a map in Curly’s hat and set out on another adventure to find the buried treasure. 



00:00 - Introduction

:17 - The Film stats

4:59 - The Payoff

8:42 - The Pickup Line


Dec 5, 2021

Today we are talking about the 2003 holiday favorite directed by Jon Favreau starring Will Farrell, James Caan and Mary Steenburgen. Raised as an over-sized elf, Buddy, a human travels from the North Pole to NYC to meet his biological father who doesn't know he exists and is in desperate need of some Christmas...

Jun 20, 2021

This film exemplifies why we started this podcast!! I hope that most of you have seen this film yet I bet that is not the truth. This star packed quiet romantic comedy is the topic of our podcast today. This 2017 film stars Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson, June Squibb and Margo Martindale. It’s about...

May 23, 2021


Today we are talking about the 2012 film, The Guilt Trip staring Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand about a mother and son road trip while they learn a little more about one another. This Dan Fogelman (This Is Us) film was produced by Lorne Michaels and Seth’s production partner Evan Goldberg. The tagline of this film...

May 16, 2021


Today we are talking about the 1989 film Parenthood, staring a host of Hollywood elite. It is a packed cast. We fawn over the writing with credits going to Ron Howard, Babaloo Mandel and Lowell Ganz. They capture the complexities of sibling relationships and parent/child relationships. 


Shout out to Tom - Cardinal...