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Dodge Movie Podcast

Feb 14, 2021

Films’s tagline - What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew was the only someone for you?

Today Mike and Christi gush over Meg and Tom as Annie and Sam as they fall in love. This was their first date and they acknowledge their bias but the worldwide ticket sales confirm that this was a successful film. They open the episode with Mike’s Pick Up line, “Mommy got sick”. Just like the beloved Affair to Remember, many people are also fond of the film Sleepless in Seattle. Listen as these two breakdown why this is one of their favorite films and holds a special place in their history.


“And so we have Bill Pullman is Walter the classic Bellamy. There's nothing wrong with the guy. But there's nothing right with him either. Right? So as the audience right, we can't hate the Bellamy you need to kind of like this guy, but realize he's wrong for her.” - Mike Dodge


We cover the aspects of this film like:

  • The writing in a romantic comedy and some of the similar troupes like ‘The Bellemy”, the meet-cute and the female gaze.
  • The use of light and night shoots in the cinematography 
  • The use of mirror editing 
  • The different company shoots in Washington DC, Chicago, Baltimore and Seattle
  • Color theory to create connections between the characters.
  • The breakdown of the numbers including; budget, head trauma count and number of smoochies. 


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