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Dodge Movie Podcast

Oct 3, 2021

Today we are inspired by the 2005 documentary about a bunch of rag tag wheelchair rugby players. The players outfit their wheelchairs in a Mad Max style. The film exposes the audience to the players, how they sustained their injuries and how they cope with their body’s new limitations. Mark Zupan is featured throughout the film and one of the standout players. The film also follows ex USA player, Joe Soares, now Canadian coach as he interacts with players and his family.


Andy Cohn: “When people in the community see you in a chair they kinda treat you like you're made of glass or that you're fragile; things like that. But, in wheelchair rugby, it's kinda like high speed bumper cars.”


Some of our favorite parts of this movie are:


  • The distinction between the different abilities and how you can’t have more than 8 points on the court
  • Zupan, the film’s star
  • The national event held in Sweden and The Kiwis doing the haka
  • The ex-USA player with a chip on his shoulder that is now the coach for Canada 
  • The various types of accidents/polio/birth defects
  • Joe’s son taking about his dad’s trophies
  • The crazy How To videos on how quadriplegics deal with sexual situations


Special thanks to our editor Geoff Vrijmoet for this episode and Melissa Villagrana for helping out with our social media posts.


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