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Dodge Movie Podcast

Feb 28, 2021

Today Mike and Christi flatter this beautiful, dramatic romance tale of high school sweethearts with a secret past. Spend the next several minutes with Mike and Christi as they break down why this film is in the top five films of all time for Christi and why she captured Mike to make him watch this film till he squawked. This film opens with Jim (Mark Duplass) and Amanda (Sarah Paulson) running into one another at a local grocery store. As they spend the next 24 hours together the details of their history remind them of the pain their shared and alter their future forever. Listen while Mike and Christi share their mutual admiration for the filmmaking techniques that make the film this weeks pick.


“She says, I don't know who that person was. But the look on his face is 

I know who that person was.” - Christi Dodge


We cover the aspects of this film like:

  • The beauty of the cinematography of this film being shot in black and white
  • The acting between Sarah Paulson or Mark Duplass is at times subtle yet so colorful
  • The story unfolds elaborately, laying out the bread crumbs to truth of these two.
  • Improvised scripts
  • The Duplass method of film making - and why we align ours with it
  • This film is currently streaming on Netflix


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