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The Submissive Next Door Podcast

Feb 4, 2022

Are you ready for an ADHD-infused conversation about ADHD? Good! Me too! This episode dives deep into Ari Tuckman's book "ADHD After Dark", case studies, and more, while I share the down and dirty details about how I handle my tendencies during those intimate moments. I'll also share highlights about my appearance on Forsale18's Twitch Stream, "Positive Thots", as well as everything I have found so far as I work on an academic literature review on ADHD & Sexuality. Get ready! This is a long episode!

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Links for this episode:

ADHD After Dark by Ari Tuckman

Positive Thots on Twitch with Forsale18

Research Article: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment of Hypersexuality by Meg Kaplan

Site Article: We have ADHD. This is How We Have a Lot of Sex

Research Article: Hypersexuality: Psychopathology or normal variant of sexuality? 

Site Article: When ADHD Disrupts (and ruins) the Romance

Site Resource: ADHD and Marriage

Site Article: My ADHD Brain and 4 Odd Things that Freak it Out

Book Resource: Taming Your Gremlin (A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way)

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Reid's Safer Sex Elevator Speech

Dr. K’s Official Goodreads page – For the Book Lover


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