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The Beautiful Side of Grief

Mar 13, 2024

In this episode of The Beautiful Side of Grief we are exploring war-torn Bagdad to the sunny caribbean, and many countries in between through the eyes of a diplomat's wife, who had to struggle with infertility, pregnancy loss, parental loss, and fast exits - all the while re-adapting to strange new lands, & dealing with a complex chronic condition. Yep, that sounds a pretty heavy load - though in the midst of this, Vashti Kanahele also discovered fabulous new cultures, places off the beaten track, and a resilience and strength to take control of her health. Vashti takes us into this world that she rediscovered through the writing of her book Passports and Parasites.


We discuss...

  • the value of community when living far away from family and loved ones
  • having serious health concerns in foreign countries
  • how life can take it's toll without you realising
  • and finding your way through chronic conditions back to health through fnctional medicine


This is a fabulous episode that you won't want to miss!


Vashti's Bio

My life story encompasses adventure, living abroad, resilience, and healing from complex chronic illness. Listeners who love or are interested in adventure, international living, and travel would find my interview interesting. My story also speaks to those looking for hope in their fertility journey and healing from complex chronic illnesses, specifically Lyme disease and Hashimoto's, and my journey to functional medicine. Listeners interested in diplomatic life will find my story appealing since I have spent the last 15 years married to a diplomat.




"I was diagnosed with PTSD. It was all the years of  the things that had happened, not dealing with them." ~ Vashti Kanahele





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