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The Beautiful Side of Grief

Mar 22, 2023

Think back to a time that you were deeply disappointed that things didn't work out - a job, a relationship, a marriage, parenting, not travelling, or perhaps you're living with a body or illness that is simply not playing ball with how you want to look or feel.

What you may not realise is that all of these things come with their own signature of grief. Throw that into the mix of what you are currently experiencing and I bet you've found yourself in one messy situation.


So, I have a guest today who is going to help us unravel this for you.


Amanda Kate experienced this first hand trying to juggle the corporate job of her dreams with parenthood, being a wife and looking after the home. And she got sick big time. The person she knew herself to be disappeared. Now she is a Spiritual Seeker, a truth teller and her inner Sage has an insatiable quest for knowledge, wisdom and new ways of becoming. She is the Author of Divine. Messy. Human. A Spiritual Guide to Prioritising Internal Truth over External Influence. She's a Kinesiologist, Mentor, Archetypal Life Coach, Mother and so much more. This recovering people-pleaser and self-flagellator wants to help people like you regain vitality, smashing through your limitations to find new levels of health, vitality and abundance - because she's walked this path herself. Plus Amanda also works with business owners to increase their vibration and attract greater wealth and prosperity.


In this episode, Amanda shares the following:

  • When you have too much conflicting and competing stuff happening and the toll that takes on your body and mind
  • Unhappy? How to recognise that as grief
  • How to shift trapped energy through somatic healing
  • You don't have to have major life events to store trauma
  • Learning to live with loss and love
  • How what we eat and move affects how we feel
  • You don't have to understand the 'why'
  • ... and so much more!



"We don't look at the grief of losing our jobs, losing our marriages, changing relationships, changing circumstances, having to cancel plans that, you know, we dismiss it as first world problems." ~ Amanda Kate





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