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The Beautiful Side of Grief

May 1, 2022

Do you have a desperate need to connect with your loved one? Maybe it feels like they never left you... Or, you are not sure if you REALLY are 'hearing' them or just making it up… And what about those signs you are getting?

Nicole Antoinette /Nicole Guillaume is a very skilled psychic medium who stumbled into her vast array of spiritual skills by setting up a Halloween scene! She is now a professional psychic, medium, and spiritual mentor of Guiding Echoes, who has worked with thousands of people in the past ten years. Her compassion, kindness, and playfulness set her apart from others in her field. More important than helping you connect with your loved ones is her desire to help you know YOU can do this yourself. Yes. You can. She has wonderful online courses available, including a psychic gym(!) that can give you the training, clarity and community you are looking for.


You don’t want to miss:

  • How to recognise what skills you may already have without realising
  • A sign from our loved ones that many people overlook
  • What it is really like on the other side…

PLUS, Nicole runs through a little-known method that you can do today that will help you connect with your loved one

AND she has a FREE guided meditation available as well.


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"Anyone and yes, that means you, can make contact with the spirit world if you are given the right tools, methods, and encouragement". ~ Nicole Antoinette



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