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The Beautiful Side of Grief

Sep 4, 2022

A deep sense of loss through adoption, layered with the devastation of a miscarriage led Rubia Smolens into the magical world moving meditation, otherwise known as Tai Chi. Rubia arrived at this practice with layers of anxiety, grief and deep sadness. Serving initially as a gentle way to move her body for long term fitness, Rubia discovered that this practice also opened her up to deeper healing and provided an understanding of cycles and natural laws that give her a sense of calm and balance in life.

It is now her mission to share these ancient healing practices with others, giving them the tools to maintain health, rejuvenate their bodies and recapture youthful energy and equanimity in their lives.  Rubia's training includes Classical Yang Family Style Tai Chi, Yoga Naga (a warrior form of Yoga)  and Iron Shirt Qi Gong.  She has taught in community centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, private group classes, along with speaking engagements at corporate functions such as the Oprah Winfrey Network Offices in Los Angeles.  She recently created the online courses Tai Chi Fundamentals for Beginners and Qi Gong - For Grounding.


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • How these practices how you uncover what you are carrying in your body at a cellular level
  • How this gentle movement can calm and soothe your system
  • How these ancient practices fit into our modern world
  • How just watching Tai Chi can effect you!
  • What investing in loss is all about

Plus, get access to Rubia's courses on a sliding scale!



"There's beauty in sadness and darkness. And I think it's ongoing. There's no point of arrival, right? It's an ongoing thing that will ebb and flow in your life." ~ Sifu Rubia




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