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The Success SHIFT

May 13, 2021

Many of us are afraid to talk about death. This is understandable because grief is one of the most challenging experiences to walk through. However experiencing loss is a part of life, so it is important to talk about how we navigate grief on our journey to self-heal.

Today I am thrilled to introduce to you Cathleen Elle, a number one international best-selling author, transformational speaker, certified intuitive success coach, and healer, who after experiencing the loss of her son set out on a mission to help others process the emotions and find healing through grief.

In today’s powerful conversation we hear Cathleen’s story of transformation which helped her view not only death but also life in a new profound way. We discuss how to not get stuck in the emotions of grief, how to heal from generational trauma, and how to connect back to your soul and find yourself after experiencing pain.

We hope this conversation confirms to you that there is hope and that you can self-heal. 



  • Challenging the idea that our loved ones are really “gone” after death
  • Not getting stuck in the suffering all while moving through the pain
  • Walking through guilt, shame, and judgment of grief