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The Audible

Apr 6, 2023

In this episode of "On The Couch," host Sigmund Bloom is joined by special guest Matt Waldman to discuss the NFL draft prospects for 2023, specifically the underrated quarterback prospect: Anthony Richardson. The duo dives deep into Richardson's skill set and potential, analyzing his strengths and weaknesses on the field. They make a compelling case for why Richardson should be considered as the top QB in the 2023 NFL draft, even though he may not be as polished as other quarterbacks. #NFLDraft #NFL #fantasyfootball


0:30 Should Anthony Richardson be compared to Malik Willis

10:30 Why Will Levis should not go in the first round

31:20 Should we be worried about Zach Evans off field issues

42:25 Will NFL offenses have more two tight end sets because of this year's class

48:00 What is the "attrition factor"


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