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Reset Renew Revive

Feb 27, 2023

Today on Reset Renew Revive, Dr. Bradley Nelson joins us to discuss an overlooked aspect of your health. His best-selling books “The Emotion Code” and “The Body Code” have helped thousands of patients unlock stored trauma that causes chronic illness, anxiety, and even financial difficulties. 

The heart is considered the seed of the subconscious. In times of distress, the subconscious builds what Dr. Nelson defines as, The Heart Wall. The barrier is made up of grief, depression, and sadness. It is that emotional baggage that insulates the heart from total destruction. Unfortunately, our culture has forgotten how to tear that wall down. 

Dr. Nelson firmly believes that it is our birthright to heal. Amazing recoveries have been reported when patients release these deep emotional traumas. In this episode, Dr. Nelson shares how you can tap into the body code and heal yourself using the wisdom of your subconscious mind. 



[1:00] Healing can sometimes happen instantaneously

[3:00] Asking for help from a higher power 

[4:00] The subconscious intelligence that is beyond our  ability to comprehend 

[8:00] How computer programing was the foundation for understanding the subconscious

[11:00] Removing trapped emotions can relieve physical pain 

[12:00] Using The Discover Healing App for releasing trapped emotions

[13:00] Finding the energy of the emotion that is trapped inside your body

[15:00] How mother's emotions affect the emotions of the child 

[19:00] The 6 different imbalances that humans suffer from 

[24:00] Putting the power of healing into the hands of individuals

[25:00] The heart is the seed of the subconscious 

[29:00] Releasing the heart wall 

[32:00] Slow down and don’t rush through life



The Emotion Code

The Body Code



“What I found was, the subconscious mind, that computer within each person knew exactly what they needed, and so for the last 10 years of my practice after I kind of figured this out, most of the people that I saw had been told there is no hope for them. No hope for them available, in western medicine.” [6:20] -Dr. Nelson


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