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Alejandro Antonio Reyes is a native New Yorker, life & health coach and seminar trainer. He spent 21 years as a CHG (Certified Health Geek) working in Fitness, Medical Exercise and Health Coaching. He’s been a personal growth nerd since 2002 participating in many transformational trainings from different enterprises, including Tony Robbins coach training. In 2018 Alex decided to create seminar trainings for men as a greater expression of his mission. His personal mission is to make a massive difference in the health and personal growth of as many people as he can affect so that he leaves behind a living legacy through a body of work that continues to contribute long after he’s gone.

Alex has degrees in Philosophy and Comparative Religion studying directly under two of Joseph Campbell’s students and learned Jeet Kune Do under two of Bruce Lee’s students.
He began in men’s trainings and circles in 2007 and has held various organizational positions of leadership and instruction with distinction, while still leading his men’s community in New York City since 2017.

Recently, Dr. Vibe hosted a conversation for M&M Explores with Alex where he talks about A Man’s Path – An Eight Step Journey.

During our conversation, Alex talked about:

– Young Alex including losing his brother who was his only ray of light at that time at the age of seventeen when he had no idea that he was dying which caused him to be in a “dark place” for nine years which lead him to realize the importance of mentorship and mentoring
– His concern about the increasing number of suicides
– An example his commitment to help and serve men and when did he decide that this is his purpose
– His relationship with his father and how it impacted his journey
– The story behind A Man’s Path – An Eight Step Journey (the eight steps, four stages, five junctures)
– Some of the things that men tell him that they are missing
– Who is attending his program
– Men who have given up on their journey or don’t have a journey
– What his purpose is
– His call to action for men

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