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Michael J. Durkin is an author, speaker and dedicated maniac committed to the strengthening of Men, Women, Families and the Planet.

Self-Labeled as a “Contemporaneous Intuitive”, Michael specializes in working with live audiences and “downloads” answers, theology, wisdom and weaves his own personal experience into his teachings on Marriage, Business Success, Parenting, Fitness and overall Masculinity on request! He is passionate about keeping families together, making marriages joyful, giving children a place to grow and learn – and he is fan of putting the hot, seductive, alluring SEX back into Marriages where it belongs!

He is the author of 8 business books and has spoken in front of audiences as little as 6 people and as large as 26,000 people! He is the creator of the Men of Honor program which he hosts Monday through Friday at 6:30 a.m. Eastern from his studio in the back woods of CT. To date he has recorded over 190 half-hour messages on sex, honor, commitment, eating right, masculinity, getting a ripped and shredded body, romancing your wife and how to keep your mouth shut so that your marriage survives and possibly even thrives! The overall goal of the Men of Honor audios is to “help a Man be a better Man than he was yesterday!”

Michael Durkin has survived and re-built his life in the face of losing a daughter at birth, the collapse of a 20 year marriage, raising his oldest Son as an “only” Father for 14 years and having his youngest Son withheld from him for 7 years! His wisdom comes from a deep belief that God has a plan for his life and that his challenges have toughened him and developed him into a Man who can lead, counsel and teach other Men by revealing his experience, strength and hope.

Recently, MJ came on the show to talk about The State Of Men At The End Of The Decade.

During the conversation, MJ talked about:

– Some of his thoughts on his last decade
– His thoughts about the current state of men and some of the challenges that they face
– The importance of men stepping into their destiny
– What do many men need to get on the right path
– Some of the challenges that manhood have faced over the last decade and the need for many men to be fierce
– Suggestions for fathers of of boys
– An area that men have moved forward in the past decade
– His vision for married and single men in 2020
– Men and sex

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