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Robert Leung is a Certified Life Coach, with 20 years experience successfully coaching men through life’s challenges and transitions. He is the creator of Heart of Man Coaching. Robert’s work with over a thousand men, from all walks of life, has centered around helping men access, understand and master the power of their emotions, without compromising their masculinity. He believes this is the key to our evolutionary success as men. Robert has researched and created a number of seminars and exercises to help men discover the tremendous opportunities that access to their emotions can provide. Opportunities for better health, peace of mind, self-worth, healing, confidence, success and of course, love.

Recently, Dr. Vibe and Robert hosted the conversation What Are Men Facing In The Next Decade? What Can A Man Accomplish In The Next Decade?- Part Two.

During the conversation, the following topics were talked about:

– Robert’s first response to the conversation topic
– The negative perceptions of masculinity and some of the reasons for this
– Some of the challenges that many men and fathers are facing
– The difficulty that many men have expressing themselves
– Men and competitiveness especially when it comes to women in the workplace
– The challenge that many men have on knowing what it means to be a man and how to act in the presence of women
– Artificial intelligence and how it will take away the ability of men doing things
– Men expecting to be self sufficient
– Some ways men can achieve their goals over the next decade

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