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Alexander Williams is a writer from Lancaster, California with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and years of experience educating youth in the Bay Area. His essays have been featured on the Huffington Post and his first full-length novel, “Camp,” will be available on Amazon in the winter of 2019. Alexander is a highly motivated artist striving to foster the education of those that come from disadvantaged communities and give a voice to marginalized people. You can follow him on Twitter @DantheMalformed .

Recently, Mr. Williams was on our show talking about his article Artistic Catharsis- A Look Inside Black Masculinity.

During our conversation, Mr. Williams talked about:

– What is going on with him including the writing of a novel and working on getting into graduate school
– The story behind the article
– How some Black men are looked down upon for pursuing the arts and the stereotype(s) that come with it
– The stereotypes with being of mixed race and how did he and does he handle it
– How the racism he deals with effects his masculinity
– Why did reference Tupac Sukur in this article
– Why are Black men still experiencing the duality of racism and masculinity
– The effect of hip hop and Black women on the duality
– The conversations he has with his brother about the duality
– His suggestion on how Black men can deal with the duality
– The difference between Black masculinity and White masculinity

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