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All Our Own is live international audio conversation for Generation X Women of Color.

It is a safe space where Gen X Women of Color can discuss their issues with input from women of color from other generations. However, Generation X women are at the center of the conversation.

The regular panelists are: Aisha StaggersJulissa Borbon and L.A. Wade

Last Sunday’s conversation topic was Surviving R. Kelly And The Sexual Exploitation Of Black Women And Black Girls.

During the conversation the ladies talked about:

– Their comments on the Lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” and the reaction or lack of by others
– The mistreatment of Black girls and Black women
– The ignorance of the Black community of the sexual abuse of Black women and Black girls
– If R. Kelly is sick
– The sexual assault of Black women and Black girls
– The need for healing and moving forward

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