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Anthony Carter combines his love of theatre, writing, storytelling, and black queer feminist theory to create projects that inspire all to greatness. He was a semifinalist in the Strawberry One Act Festival 2007 with his play Breakfast for Dinner. His book Unfettered Mind: The Importance of Black Male Mental Health, released in 2012, offers several winning strategies for remaining mentally healthy and emotionally resilient in a rapidly changing world.

Mr. Carter’s second book, Strong Stuff: Tips on Surviving and Thriving Despite Unemployment, offers insight on maintaining self-esteem and personal friendships while one searches for work. Based on personal experiences (2.5 years of unemployment and some homelessness), the book is full of exercises and quick easy to read and apply tips for thriving despite being jobless.

Mr. Carter’s latest book, Rules Of Reality, is his first collection of Sci-Fi/ – speculative fiction short stories.

Anthony Carter and his husband are joyfully co-raising nine grandchildren while relentlessly devising techniques for the world’s evolution. You can visit him online here.

Mr. Carter was on our show talking about his new book, Rules Of Reality.

During our conversation, Mr. Carter talked about:

– Some of his background
– When did he know that writing would be part of his journey and his previous works
– The story behind the Rules Of Reality
– How did create a forecast of America in 2050 ahd why did he choose to view this time via the eyes of youth and how easy was it to develop characters
– His hope for young people to advance society for the better
– The characters are an amalgamation of people he has met
– What is he proud about with the release of this book

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