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Brad Sanders is a comedian, actor and writer best known for the radio soap opera It’s Your World and the Clarence Update of CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful, for which he has received two Daytime Emmy Award nominations as writer/performer in the category of New Approaches in Daytime Entertainment. Millions of daytime television viewers recognize Sanders as “Clarence,” a cool, well-dressed character with an extensive hat collection, who provides a streetwise summary of the soap opera’s highlights each week.

Sanders, a Chicago native, attended Columbia College where he majored in television and radio production. After college, he moved to Los Angeles to further his career. Sanders is the owner and president of Babysitters Productions, the company he founded in 1989, which currently produces the Clarence Update and another online feature, An Inside Look at the News Inside the News, a news/comedy segment. Babysitters Productions has also created and syndicated radio programs including: On the Phone with Ti-Rone, in which Ti-Rone answers listener’s letters and phone calls with a little common sense advice; Gospel Ti-Rone, which focuses on the importance of having a personal relationship with God in handling life’s problems; What’s Poppin,’ a hip-hop dramedy; and It’s Your World, a fully produced short-form radio soap opera which aired daily on the Tom Joyner Morning Show for over 16 years. Co-created with comedian Myra Jay, It’s Your World showcased Sanders’ writing and production talents and was a national hit.

Comedy is where it all began. He decided to become a comedian for three reasons—he always enjoyed making people laugh, he loved the nightlife, plus “if you’re in show business, you get to go backstage.” While enjoying a career that spans television, radio, film and personal appearances, he continues to hone his skills in sketch writing, acting and voiceover classes, in addition to developing spec scripts for television sitcoms.

His ability to connect with audiences transcends the entertainment industry and has touched the lives of millions. In 2003, after 20 years of responding to thousands of letters, phone calls and emails from abused and discouraged women, he, along with media personality Deya Smith, co-founded Be Good to Women Day, an annual prayer vigil and community forum designed to honor women while addressing their safety and health issues. The national event is held in March during Women’s History Month. “The most important reason for honoring women,” says Sanders, “is that women are essential to the wellbeing of humanity. Women provide love. Nobody loves like a woman.”

Sanders believes his purpose as an entertainer is to provide laughter for people who need a break from the stresses of everyday life. “You can’t stay angry and laugh at the same time. Laughter can make your problems seem smaller. Sometimes, a good laugh can inspire hope.” He currently resides in Fayetteville, GA with his wife, the Reverend Joan Sanders. They have one daughter, Sadia Shamim Sanders, and are members of Flipper Chapel AME Church. They are also members of the Bryant Temple AME Church and Emmanuel-Turner AME Church families in Los Angeles, CA.

Recently, Mr. Sanders was on our show. During our conversation, Mr. Sanders talked about:

– Life growing up in Chicago
– His first big break in entertainment and some great stories
– how has the entertainment industry changed during his journey
– What he is working on

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