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Bryan Crawford is a Chicago-based journalist who covers sports, politics and social justice issues for a variety of publications. His work has appeared in The Final Call newspaper, HOOP MagazineSLAM Magazine, XXL and Rolling Stone.

Mr. Crawford was on our show talking about his article, Black men, Black fathers – Accepting challenges, embracing responsibility.

During our conversation, Mr. Crawford talked about:

– Some of his background, where did his inspiration to write come from, some of his mentors and some of the books that have influenced him
– His first big break
– Why did he write the article
– The misconception about Black men that bothers him the most and the factors contributing to that perception
– What needs to be done to change the negative stereotype associated with Black fathers
– His thoughts of the portrayal of Black fathers in the media
– How and when did he learn about manhood
– What are Black men telling him about fatherhood
– Reaction to the article
– His calls to action for non-Blacks, Black women, Balck men and fathers

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