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Carol Bluestein lives in Slingerlands, NY and is the author, C.L. Bluestein, of three published fiction/thriller novels in the Seduction Series: #1 – SEDUCTION: Love, Loss, Leverage, Murder (2015), #2 – PERCEPTION: Love, Loss, Leverage, Murder (2016), and #3 – ISOLATION: Love, Loss, Leverage, Murder (2017). She is the author You Want Me To Do What?, a contemporary presentation of the Exodus story which, through a series of interfaith play-lets, lets participants walk in the sandals of our ancestors: free download at

She is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild (IWWG) and a contributor to The Good Men Project.

In addition to her written work, Bluestein’s expressed her entrepreneurial skills in Arts Management, Computer and Business Consulting, Teaching, Public Speaking, and Professional Photography. Her hobbies include #RESIST, gardening, improv, designing and executing functional and decorative projects in wood, metal, cement, and mixed media. She is surrounded by family and two rescued schnoodles.

Ms. Bluestein was on our show talking about her article, Men, Develop Lasting Relationships by Shelving Male Expectation Myths.

During our conversation live, Ms. Bluestein talked about:

– Some of her background including being a professional photographer for twenty years and how did she transition into writing
– Why does she write about men
– Why many middle age men are having difficulty finding happiness
– Why are some men baffled by a accomplished woman
– On how many from men 45 years olds to 64 years old find it tough
– Why men are risk takers when it comes to money and power
– What she is up to next and her message for and about men

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