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Cherise Taylor is the founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Taylored 4U Enterprises, a service-based company that she established in 2013 to help encourage and empower career professionals. Cherise serves as a trainer, coach and mentor who helps people connect and communicate with confidence! Known as the ‘Win at Work’ Coach, Cherise works with groups and individuals to reach their greatest potential and help cultivate successful careers. “I want to help people right where they are and show them how to take who they are and what they have and make it better. I want to inspire people to have the courage to take the limits off their lives.”

Cherise is based out of St. Louis, MO and has worked with her local Urban League chapter, the Federal Employed Women’s Group, The Boys & Girl’s Club, and several other organizations and groups. Cherise’s primary goal is to help people live blessed and fulfilling lives personally and professionally. You can find her online here.

Recently, Ms. Taylor was on our show talking about Goal Setting To Help You Win The Gold!!.

During our conversation, Ms. Taylor talked about:

– Growing up in St. Louis with her parents and three brothers
– The fact that she has been a counselor since grade five
– When did she decide to transition from counselling to life and career coaching
– The story behind Taylored 4U Enterprises and the services it offers
– Why she wanted to talk about Goal Setting To Help You Win The Gold!! 
– How to implement SMART goals so they don’t flop and why new year’s resolutions flop
– Getting rid of thoughts, beliefs, habits and people that you need to get rid of
– SMART goals

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