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Chiaku Hanson is a very discerned & spiritual woman. She is honest, unique and eclectic. Ms. Hanson has a male decoded blog, Male Decoded, where she decodes the male psyche. She is a Doctoral Candidate of Clinical Psychology. Her interests in psychology are: Spiritual Psychology; Psychoanalysis & NeuroPsychology. Spirit- Mind-Body.

Ms. Hanson was on our show talking about her article Healing Black People.

During our conversation, Ms. Hanson talked about:

– Some of her background comparing life in California compared to going to school in Virginia
– Life growing up with a helicopter dad
– Why she had at great experience at Virginia Tech University and a not so great experience in Washington
– How did she start he journey into the world of psycology
– Her parents influence with education on her life
– The story behind the article
– Black people’s attitude toward psycology
– Post Truamatic Slave Syndrome
– “Anger is accepted but show emotion is rejected.”
– Her thought that Blacks had issues before slavery
– Blacks and transference
– Some take homes when it comes to Blacks and psychology

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