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For over 16 years, Christine has been guiding women and men to find, create and build amazing relationships by reconnecting with their authentic selves. She believes deep, powerful relationships are accessible to all of us. She specializes in Gender Intelligence which is an awareness of the intrinsic nature of men and women and the ability to be understanding and appreciative of these differences. Christine is a professional speaker, has been interviewed by over 200 media outlets and was the dating expert on 13 episodes of the TV series, LoveTrap. She has also created Hart Coaching Academy to mentor and train others to become Dating + Relationship Coaches.

Recently, Ms. Hart was on our show. During our conversation, she talked about:

– Some of her background growing up between Toronto and Calgary
– Some of the great things about her parents (“My dad taught me about consistency. My mother taught me to go after life even if you don’t know what you are doing.”)
– Her professional journey including running a studio and getting into the speed dating industry including how did she becoome the dating expert on 13 episodes of the TV series, LoveTrap
– Gender Intelligence
– How some well-known behaviors of both men and women frequently create misunderstanding and conflict in the workplace and the tools you can use to resolve them (“Men listen for a point and a problem.”)
– How men can effectively listen to a woman so she feels heard and he feels appreciated
– A specific way women can ask for what they need so it feels empowering to both themselves and to men
– What are millenials are telling her about relationships
– The importance in investing in yourself

You can find out more about Ms. Hart via:

Christine Hart Coaching
Hart Coaching Academy

Ms. Hart will be one of the speakers during at the Men and Masculinity Summit on Sunday, November 19, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information about the Men and Masculinity Summit please click on the following link:

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