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Claude Diamond ℠ J.D. is called “The Mentor” for a reason; He Teaches Success with The Unique G.U.T.S. Sales Training Method One On One Only! Sales in any business or Service is now FUN and Profitable. He is The Author of many books on Success and Sales Training.The Mentor Teaches Success©The The Mentor Teaches The G.U.T.S. Sales Method©How To Sell with G.U.T.S.©The Rules of G.U.T.S.© The Lease Purchasing Bible©, L/P for the 21st Century©.

Recently, Claude was on our show talking about How To Develop A Successful Home Business, Lifestyle And Personal Culture.

During the conversation, Claude talked about:

– Some of his background
– When and why did he decide to start his home business
– Him still having a landline phone
– His definition of freedom
– Some of the challenges when he started his home business
– Some of the challenges people who want to start their own home business come to him with
– Some of his secrets in running a successful home business
– The change in his clients demographics over the years (more minorities)
– The importance of passion in running a successful home business
– Developing his personal culture while he developed his own business
– How social media can build your home business
– Why is it the best time to start a business

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