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Cleon (CJ) Joseph, CEO of CJ’s Functional Fitness, is a premier fitness coach, in Los Angeles, with almost 30-yrs of fitness and martial arts training. He has multiple fitness certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also a 22-year law enforcement veteran in Los Angeles and recently accepted a role as a supervisor for his department’s self-defense and fitness unit. CJ has was featured as a guest trainer on the Radio Free 102.3 FM KJLH’s Steve Harvey Morning Show with Adai Lamar for a segment called The Summer Fitness Minute, KTLA Channel 5 with Gayle on the Go, KCBS/CAL 9 for South LA Get’s Fit and The Word Network. CJ has worked tirelessly with non-profit organizations like The Center for Lupus CareThe American Heart AssociationThe American Diabetes Association, and Special Needs Network to further spread the message of wellness all over Southern California and abroad, along with his own community program (Battle of the Bulge LA), motivational speaking engagements and wellness workshops.

Mr. Joseph was on our talking about his book Navigating Through the Valleys of Success: A Perspective in the Thick of It.

Navigating Through the Valleys of Success – A Perspective in the Thick of it is an inspirational piece meant to empower anyone with a dream to find the meaning of success. Many people give up on their entrepreneurial passions due to finances, economy, personal tragedies, guilt, negative influences and stressful work environments that seem impossible to escape. Author, Cleon Joseph welcomes readers into his walk to show how God orchestrated human influence to guide him out of his valleys. He also illustrates how difficult circumstances in the ‘valleys’ of his journey were the sharpening tools to forge his climb to the success that God has planned for him. This book is meant to encourage readers to never give up on their dreams. God has a plan for success for everyone, but the blueprint begins in the valley.

During our conversation, Mr. Joseph talked about:

– What influences did his parents instilled in him and how his family dealt with challenges
– how his father drifted apart for eight years and then reconciled
– The story behind the book and why did his wife write the introduction of this book
– How his experience in law enforcement and being a trainer help him in writing this book
– The importance is discipline in his life
– The way that he got out of his valley
– The importance of God in his life
– How did he get into fitness
– What did writing the book teach him about himself and how has it changed him
– How did he become transparent in his life
– The importance of relationships when you are going through the valleys in life

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