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Cory Haywood is a writer, journalist, and comedian. He works as a contributor and senior editor for Our Weekly LA and – two of the largest black owned digital and print news outlets in America. His controversial stories about race, gender, and politics have generated thousands of views online.

Recently, Mr. Haywood was on our show talking about his article The Black Hat/We Gotta Do Better: 14 New Year’s Resolutions For Black People In 2020.

During the conversation Cory talked about:

– Growing up with his mother and her six sisters, what his mother instilled in him that he carries on today
– Getting his start with writing
– Some of his thoughts on interracial dating
– Why he wrote the article
– The fourteen things
– What he feels Black people should be using social media for
– Blacks controlling their narrative in the media
– The current state of Black leadership and needs to change with it
– Gun violence in some Black communities and what be done to reduce it
– The need for Blacks to be more unified

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