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Richard Miller is the Founder of Keep6ix and a driven community leader, dedicated to assisting underserved youth. After experiencing and witnessing misrepresentation, racism, corruption, and injustices experienced by black youth and minorities, Richard decided to establish Keep6ix. It is his passion to bring healing to individuals who have been through traumatic experiences, by ensuring resources and programming are available to prevent incarceration. Richard is an experienced and savvy entrepreneur, who believes in training and developing the next generation of young professionals. He believes that with a second chance, and the right opportunities present, our young people can thrive and become successful.

Founded in 2006 by Zya Brown, Think 2wice assists in eliminating the impact of inequality and social injustice amongst racialized young people in the criminal justice system. We provide services and supports to Black and racialized individuals and communities, many of whom are incarcerated and reintegrating back into the community. We have supported a large number of incarcerated young people as well as youth and families in the community. In 14 years of operation and with approximately 20 partners, we have provided various initiatives and supports in 8 Federal Institutions and multiple NIA’s throughout the GTA.

Recently, Mr. Miller and Ms. Brown were live on our show talking about COVID19 And Its Effect On The Ontario Corrections System.

During the conversation, they talked about:

– Some of their backgrounds, how they started their organizations and how they met
– Their servant’s heart
– Their thoughts on how the Canadian federal and provincial corrections systems are handling the coronavirus situation
– Some of the concerns with the corrections system in Canada
– Ms. Brown claiming that her sons who is in prison was targeted by provincial guards because of letters she wrote to the Solicitor General of Ontario
– The price of speaking up against the corrections system and their opinion that the corrections system is a business
– Rehabilitation while being incarcerated and the lack of culturally sensitive programs for Black inmates
– What does the Black community need to do when it comes to Black inmates
– Some of the things that they need to take their organizations to the next level

You can find out more about Keep6ix via:

Phone: 1-800-640-3075

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