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D. Scott Smith, MBA is a collaborator sitting in the junction of strategy and execution. He is known as a Motivational Listener. Scott is a mentor, advisor, and coach who will inspire and motivate you. His company works with businesses and individuals across the county.

Prior to becoming a full-on entrepreneur, Scott worked in large and small companies in leadership roles which include CEO, COO, and General Manager. He has lived and breathed financial services, agriculture, and manufacturing. Scott is involved with joint ventures because he believes in the power of networking. He speaks on Motivational Listening, Leadership, and Intentional Change.

Scott and his wife, Christine, are enjoying their third decade of marriage. Three children, three dogs, one cat, a bunny, and an undisclosed number of fish inhabit their lives. Scott usually has a guitar handy and might be found at your local Blues Jam.

Contact Scott directly with inquiries for coaching, consulting, and speaking. Visit his website to learn more about becoming a Motivational Listener. He has a joint ventures for business coaching at One Unified Strategy and Human-to-Human communication at Hello There Human. Send him an email at or find him on Twitteror Instagram.

It’s not about making money. It’s about living a life that makes a difference.

Recently, Mr. Smith was on our show talking about being a Motivation Listener.

During the conversation, Mr. Smith talked about:

– “It’s not about making money, it is about living a life that makes a difference.”
– Some of his background including grandparents born in Mexico and growing up in a complex household
– Starting his business journey in grade six and how his father and uncle influenced him to get involved in business
– Some of his journey in the corporate world
– “Anytime you measure something it has to drive action.”
– How he started his own business
– “When you create any relationship you also create responsibility.”
– the story and science behind Motivational Listener
– “Be interesting by being interested.”
– Some keys to being a motivated listener
– Body Language vs. Emotional Intelligence
– How has motivational listening evolved over the years
– “People’s greatest fear is that people do not want to felt that they are irrelevant.”
– Opinion Of Intellect vs. Opinion Based On Emotion
– The elevator pitch being dead
– Some business networking tips when you are at an event
– Giving the audience a challenge

You can contact Mr. Smith via:

One Unified Strategy
Hello There Human

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