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Darcel Rockett is a writer, journalist and curious soul — the latter informing the former. Her curious nature has led her to write for news organizations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, London and the Virgin Islands. She brought her love of storytelling back home to Chicago in 2005 where she has worked for CBS 2 Chicago and currently the Chicago Tribune, where she’s served as a digital editor and writer for the past eight years.

Ms. Rockett was live on our show talking about her article Dating while black: Not enough black men? Dating tips for single parents.

During our conversation, Ms. Rockett talked about:

– Some of her background including growing up in Normal, Illinois and her travels around the world
– When did she find out that journalism would be her jouney
– Her parents support of her travelling around the world and what her journeys have taught her
– How did she get the gig as the digital editor at the Chicago Tribune
– The story behind the article
– The reaction to dating from a single Black male and woman that are featured in the article
– Some of the challenges that Black single parents face with dating
– The responses to the article

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