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“Time spent listening to podcasts has been decreasing as the number of podcasts listened to in a typical month increases. This is a key finding according to the ad agency buyers interviewed by Bridge Ratings.” ave Van Dyke, President Bridge Ratings

More and more people are starting and listening to podcasts. But what are the listening habits of people who listen to podcasts?

Dave Van Dyke is President and CEO of Bridge Ratings LLC.

Bridge Ratings LLC was founded in 2001 and is a media analysis corporation providing behavioral analysis of media consumers in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Company clients include Emmis, Microsoft, Yahoo!,, CBS Radio, Cumulus Broadcasting and Clear Channel Communications as well as finance and media investment firms around the world.

Recently, Bridge Ratings continued its coverage of the podcasting space with this latest update which provides never before insight and best practices learned from a three month study conducted between January 23, 2017 and April 10, 2017.

Recently, Mr. Van Dyke was live on our show to talking about Podcasting Best Practices – The Study.

During our conversation, Mr. Van Dyke talked about

– shares some of his background and history behind Bridge Ratings
– how has digital changed the world of media
– the reason why podcasting has grown over the last two years
– Dave exapnds on some of the findings of the report
– importance of marketing podcasts via social media
– why advertising agencies are paying attention to podcasts
– what does he feel is the future of podcasting

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