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D’Juan Hopewell is a career advocate for oppressed people. His work has been instrumental in passing major legislation in the Maryland General Assembly, including marriage equality, the Dream Act and retirement security. His anti-hunger work resulted in an unprecedented funding increase from the legislature toward school breakfast programs for children. D’Juan currently runs a blog, and contributes for the HuffPost and His current focus as an entrepreneur is creating jobs on the South Side of Chicago.

Mr. Hopewell will be live on our show tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific. He will be talking about his article Trump Isn’t Our Biggest Enemy: It’s Uncle Tom (Pt. 1).

During our conversation, Mr. Hopewell talked about:

– An interesting Biblical story in regards to current state of race in America
– The background behind the “Uncle Tom” series of articles
– His thought that the Black church tradition has some elements that hinders Black liberation
– Some of his concerns with TD Jakes
– Why does he feel that there is not more questioning of the Black church
– Ways that the Black church can help Blacks
– Why does he not have hope for the Black church
– The challenge with the Black church attracting young Blacks
– The reaction to the post

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