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 Dr. Amy Ellis is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Assistant Director of the Trauma Resolution and Integration Program (TRIP) at Nova Southeastern University. TRIP is a university-based community mental health center that applies a contextual approach to treating and understanding survivors of prolonged childhood sexual and physical abuse. Dr. Ellis has also developed specific clinical programming focusing on trauma-informed affirmative care for sexual and gender minorities as well as gender-based services focusing on male-identifying individuals at TRIP. Dr. Ellis is involved in a variety of leadership activities within the American Psychological Association (APA), including service as a Consulting Editor for three peer-reviewed journals and she is also the Editor for APA’s Division 29 (Psychotherapy) website. Currently, she serves as the co-principal investigator on a large comparative effectiveness trial funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

Recently, Dr. Ellis was on our show talking about Sexual And Gender Minorities And Sexual Abuse.

During our conversation. Dr. Ellis talked about:

– Some of her background and some push back that she received in pursuing her PhD
– How she chose psychology as part of her journey and why she did not go to her PhD graduation
– Why she chose to focus on gender and gender minorities and sexual abuse
– Her passion to help the underserved
– Some of the misunderstanding when it comes to sexual and gender minorities and sexual abuse and why many people know so little about it
– Dr. Amy getting pushback and the some of the challenges she faces in doing her work
– Some of the challenges that sexual and gender minorities who experienced or have experiencing deal with and are facing
– Workplace and family life challenges that these individuals face
– What are some of the members of this community saying to Dr. Ellis
– Some special moments that Dr. Ellis has experienced
– The need for more attention to this subject
– Calls to action

You can find out more information about Dr. Ellis via:

Personal Website
University website
Peers for Men’s Health Study

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