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Dr. Anita Jack-Davies is an academic and cross-cultural expert. She is currently Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Queen’s University and founder of The Cross-Cultural Institute, a firm that specializes in creating cross-cultural curriculum materials such as online and blended courses, training programs, white papers and retreats.

While completing her doctoral studies, Dr. Jack-Davies gained experience in several administrative roles including Human Rights Advisor and Educational Developer, both at Queen’s University.

An expert in cross-cultural issues, she specializes in examining issues of equity, diversity and inclusion as they impact the changing Canadian workplace. Dr. Jack-Davies is a seasoned facilitator and offers strategic planning, training and advisory support to organizations.

She has recently launched the Badges2Bridges, an online, cross-cultural training program for law enforcement professionals in Canada and the United States and lives with her family in Kingston, Ontario. She can be contacted at

During our conversation, Dr. Jack-Davies talked about:

– Some of her background including being raised by her grandparents and herjourney as an educator
– The story behind Badges2Bridges and the details of the program
– Her thoughts on the state of policing minority communities
– Media coverage of police and its relationship with various cultures
– How can minority communities improve their relationship with the police

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