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Dr. Candice Bledsoe is the director of the Action Research Center in Dallas, Texas. Her research explores the impact of race, gender, and class in higher education contexts. She has received numerous fellowships including: The National Endowment of the Humanities, the New Leadership Academy, National Center for Institutional Diversity, University of Michigan, and Boone Texas Project for Human Rights Education. Dr. Bledsoe is the recipient of the 2013 SMU Women’s Symposium Profiles of Community Leadership Award. She received her Doctorate in Education from The University of Southern California. Dr. Bledsoe also holds degrees from Southern Methodist University and Baylor University.

Dr. Bledsoe was on our show talking about her article Excellence Does Not Shield Black Students from Racism

During our conversation, Dr. Bledsoe talked about:

– Some of her background and how the important role her grandparents and her parents played in raising her
– Where did her passion for social justice come from
– The background behind the article
– The importance of parents speaking to their children on the importance of being human
– Does she feel that education is the economic equalizer for Blacks
– Some information on the Cutting Edge Youth Summit
– Her calls to action to Americans

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