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Dr. Kami J. Anderson has published extensively in both English and Spanish in scholarly and trade journals as well as in national US news publications. She has traveled to 17 countries across the globe for academic and professional endeavors. She is a strong advocate for study abroad in particular for students of color. A loving mother to four wonderful, bilingual children, Kami has a vested interest in the construction of identity with bilingualism. She has published the book, Language, Identity and Choice: Raising Bilingual Children in a Global Society (2015, Lexington Books) which talks about her own experiences raising her children bilingual.

Recently, Dr. Anderson was live on our show talking about Blacks Traveling And Living Abroad.

During our conversation, Dr. Anderson talked about:

– How did travel become part of her life
– The story on how she began to offer travel to others
– Some of the challenges with getting Black kids to travel and how parents and kids mindsets have changed over travelling abroad
– The trips that are easier to execute the fact that more Blacks are travelling abroad
– More travel companies of color marketing to people of color
– Some of special moments during her journey
– How does she balance her life
– What has her experience overseas taught her
– How does she choose her travel destinations and the work that it takes to make a trip happen
– What are Blacks missing if they don’t travel abroad
– How a trip changed one of the student’s life
– Some pushback that she has received
– If there is anything she would have done different
– Would she like to have her family in a foreign country
– What does her family think about her travel life
– Her recommendation for travel spots for students of color
– Her message to parents of color in regards to student of color and travel
– What is up next

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