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Dr. Kami J. Anderson has published extensively in both English and Spanish in scholarly and trade journals as well as in national US news publications. She has traveled to 17 countries across the globe for academic and professional endeavors. She is a strong advocate for study abroad in particular for students of color. A loving mother to four wonderful, bilingual children, Kami has a vested interest in the construction of identity with bilingualism. She has published the book, Language, Identity and Choice: Raising Bilingual Children in a Global Society (2015, Lexington Books) which talks about her own experiences raising her children bilingual.

Dr. Anderson was on our show talking about Why Black Children Should Know Many Languages.

During our conversation, Dr. Anderson talked about:

– How did she become passionate about bilingualism
– What values did her mother instill in her
– Some of her journey travelling to various countries around the world
– “It is easier to talk about my Blackness in Spanish than English.”
– Why did she decide to raise her bilingual and biLiterate
– The initial reaction by Blacks students about being bilingual and biliterate about raising children
– What do they do as a family to maintain bilingual and bicultural mindset
– The story behind Bilingual Brown Babies – Website and if there is any push back from parents
– The decrease in funding of public schools and its effect on learning languages
– Why do many Black families do not pay attention to they children learning languages
– What parents will gain from Bilingual Brown Babies – Website
– What countries that she would like to take her children too
– How important knowing many languages to Black America’s future
– The response from the Latino America community about Bilingual Brown Babies – Website

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