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Emille M. Bryant is the author of Start With A Sparkle and the innovator of Brazen Creativity. As an author and innovator, Emille tirelessly seeks ways to share his insight into leadership, motivation, self-development and creativity. He is a passionate advocate of independent thinking and believes America’s edge in business, conflict resolution, military engagement and humanitarian endeavors is in its ability to draw on multiple perspectives and points of view at will. His engagement requires a level of in-depth thinking and willingness to confront personal and collective fears that unlock the power of an individual and organization.

Emille is a natural problem solver. While in the Air Force, he had to see beyond the problems presented by a lack of resources, austere locations and must-do mission. Daily, he was surrounded by Airmen, both young and old, whose dedication and professionalism were his greatest assets. By listening, learning and then sharing his insight, he led multiple teams to amazing success, turning around two organizations that were headed down the wrong path. When faced with a chance to solve problems while deployed, Emille led his teams to unprecedented success, breaking records in the number of missions supported and the reliability of the aircraft entrusted to his care.

During his military career, Emille was stationed at six locations between the US, Portugal and Japan, settling in the Washington DC area after his retirement from active duty in 2012. Pope Air Force Base, NC, where both of his children were born (1994 – 1998), Maxwell Air Force Base, AL (1998 – 2001), Lajes Field, Azores (2001 – 2003), Yokota Air Base, Japan (2003 – 2005), Dyess Air Force Base, TX (2006 – 2008) and Andrews Air Force Base, MD (2008 – Present). He has deployed to southwest Asia in support of ongoing operations as well as numerous countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Sparked by a desire to share the wisdom he gained over 24 years in uniform, Emille released his first book, entitled Start With A Sparkle, in September 2014 which transformed his life. Writing fulfilled the first element of his powerful vision to share the concept of IKIGAI—a Japanese word that translates to “the reason why you wake up each morning”. This powerful concept changed the trajectory of every aspect of his life. Focusing on IKIGAI unlocked Emille’s creative potential, especially while working to build the small business that employed him at the time. Because that position was open to innovation, Emille flourished. Combining his military experience and logistics prowess with focused team-building and communication, Emille helped build a Center of Excellence from the ground up.

While working in corporate America, Emille traveled the United States to launch his book. He shared it on a nationwide tour going from Seattle to Atlanta, eight cities in total, speaking in libraries, cafes and classrooms. From that experience, he learned that a book was not enough…people were clamoring for interactive content and something they could access on the web. After speaking with hundreds of people from all across America, Emille saw the need to help people express both their IKIGAI and their creativity. Thus was born his latest project, Awaken to Brazen Creativity. Brazen Creativity is a lifestyle that emphasizes no adult needs any human being’s permission be their best self and that being one’s best leads to original thought and unmatched innovation. Awaken to Brazen Creativity is the first salvo in an ongoing effort to highlight the power of IKIGAI in creativity, it will encourage the learner to shed the restrictions offered by society, family and social convention that prevent each of us from tapping into and offering our best ideas on behalf of our work, home and financial endeavors.

After serving for many years in government and corporate America, Emille made a decision to harness his expertise to build Emille Bryant Presents, his newest business venture highlighting his work as an author, speaker and innovator. For more information on his published work, Start With A Sparkle, or his latest web series, Awaken to Brazen Creativity, visit

Recently, Mr. Bryant was live on our show talking about The Self-Directed Life, It’s Definition And Influences.

During our conversation, Mr. Bryant talked about:

– Life growing up in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington and what his parents taught him
– Growing up with an insatiable curiosity and where it has taken him
– Having two families that absolutely loved him and where did he learn about empathy
– Why did he get involved in the military
– Graduating from high school with two full scholarships worth $350,000 in 1988
– “You should never ask someone to go to their school.”
– The definition of the self-directed life, how he entered the self-directed life and what it is all about
– The lack of thinking in America and the importance of reflection
– Common barriers that people encounter when they are trying to reach a self-directed life and society gets in the way of someone achieving a self-directed life
– His first big win when he started leading a self-directed life
– Some of the wins one will get when they start leading a self-directed life

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