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Janice Robinson-Celeste is a businesswoman, journalist, author, entrepreneur, mother, grandmother and is one of the original founders of Successful Black Parenting magazine.

She is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, is a published author of two parenting books, Pride & Joy by Simon & Schuster and Making A Supermodel: A Parents’ Guide. Janice has a degree in Early Childhood Education and holds and a master’s degree in business. Formerly, the School Age Child Care (SACC) Coordinator for the Philadelphia area with the non-profit organization, Parents Union for Public Schools, she developed SACC programs throughout the city. She headed a $2m YMCA where she served as the Executive Branch Director in charge of operations for a new facility, including the NAEYC accredited child care program and summer camp. In addition, Janice held the title of Early Childhood Specialist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Child Guidance Center where she worked with parents who struggled with substance abuse challenges to guide them with the healthy development of their young children. Janice was also a preschool teacher and has taught children through high school.

At the age of 49, she held the title of Mrs. New Jersey United States 2015 and still competes in pageants to this day. She is the mother of three successful adult daughters, including international supermodel, Sessilee Lopez.

Recently, Mrs. Robinson-Celeste was on our show talking about Back To School.

During our conversation, Mrs. Robinson-Celeste talked about:

– Some of the magazine’s background, some of her background and the news about the magazine recently winning two awards and moving to California
– What should parents buy for their kids and for teachers for back to school
– Her thoughts on teachers having to spend money out of their own pockets for supplies
– Teachers low salaries
– Being a single parent approaching the school year
– What questions do parents need to ask their children and what they need to do to be involved with their child(ren) school
– Parents having a schedule for their child(ren) during the school year and good relationship with their daycare if they use one
– Best practices for teachers
– What has made the teaching profession more challenging over the years
– The impact of digital devices in the classroom and how to deal with it
– Her thoughts on how the education system is serving parents and students
– The importance of knowing your child(ren) friends and their parents

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