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Jordana Matlon is an Assistant Professor at the School of International Service at American University. Prior to that, Ms. Matlon was a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse. She received her PhD in Sociology from UC Berkeley.

Recently, Ms. Matlon was on our show talking about Black Masculinity Under Racial Capitalism.

During the conversation, Ms. Matlon talked about:

– Growing up in Francophone West Africa, living in eleven countries
– When did she become passionate about inequality
– The background behind the article
– Blackmen's place in the world of racial capitalism
– The only way Black men can succeed is view entrepreneurship
– Capitalism’s exploitation of Black people
– Her thoughts on the JayZ NFL partnership
– Black men being commodified bodies, as devalued laborers, fraught consumers, exploitable and excludable
– China using Chinese workers in Africa instead of African workers
– The effect that racial capitalism is having on Black masculinity and the state of Black masculinity
– What can Blacks do to break the racial capitalism bubble
– The response to the article

You can contact Ms. Matlon via:


Ms. Matlon’s selected publications:

2019. “Branded.” Boston Review, Racist Logic Forum 10(44.2):75-85
2016. “Racial capitalism and the crisis of black masculinity.” American Sociological Review 81(5):1014-1038
*Winner of the 2018 American Sociological Association’s Section on Global and Transnational Sociology Best Scholarly Article Award
*Winner of the 2018 American Sociological Association’s Section on Race, Gender, and Class Distinguished Article Award
*Honorable mention for the 2017 American Sociological Association’s Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Oliver Cromwell Cox Article Award
2017. “The art of domination: On decolonizing the curriculum.” Black Perspectives

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