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Lady Day is a fresh new face in comedy. After years of having stand-up on her bucket list, she finally took the plunge last year and was instantly hooked. She’s performed at several comedy shows and inserts humour wherever she can.

Lady Day’s perspective that “it’s better to laugh than cry” is the foundation for her comedy. She brings humour to her audience through stories that anyone can relate to, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

Separate from her day job working in mental health, in her spare time Lady Day is a motivational speaker with a focus on building resilience. Applying her funny bone to speaking, Lady Day known in the speaking world by her name Natasha Halliday speaks on using humour to build resilience.

Recently, Lady Day was on our show.

During our conversation, Lady Day talked about:

– Growing up with big island and small island parents from the Caribbean who stressed education
– Her busy childhood and teenager days that she enjoyed and what she learned from her parents while she was growing up
– Getting involved in the world of mental health
– Some of her experiences working full time in the mental health field and how humour provides a balance for working in the mental health field
– Getting started in the world of comedy from it starting as a bucket list idea and her first comedy experience
– What has she learned during her comedy journey
– Memories of her first performance
– Her parents not knowing that she does not do stop up comedy
– Some classic stories about her mother
– How she has become a better comedian
– Comedy being a craft
– Her first reaction about this Sunday’s calendar
– Some of her favourite comedians
– What she is looking forward to in regards to this Sunday’s show

You can find more about Lady Day at:


Lady Day will be one of the comedians during the April Fool’s Bun And Cheese Online Comedy Edition on Sunday, April 12, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. Dr. Vibe will be hosting the event.

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