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Lawrence Wilbon serves as the Business Development Manager for Fathers Incorporated. With over 20 years of non-profit experience, he is tasked in assisting the organization with funds development and strategic partnerships. Prior to his current position, he has served as an executive director of a local non-profit. He is married with two children and reside in the Metro Atlanta area.

Fathers Incorporated, a widely recognized national and international nonprofit organization supporting fathers, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers that provides capacity building services to thousands of organizations working to ensure that fathers contribute to the healthy well-being of their children.

Recently, Mr. Wilbon was live on our show talking about Million Fathers March 2019 … A Success Story.

During our conversation, Mr. Wilbon talked about:

– Some of his background including his decision to be involved in the non-profit sector
– Being raised by a single mother’s and some of her special qualities
– How he got involved with Fathers Incorporated and what does the organization do
– The changing face of fatherhood that the organization has seen
– Some of the challenges that today’s fathers face
– The story behind the Million Fathers March, a recap of this year’s Million Fathers March and future plans
– Some of services that Fathers Incorporated offer
– The impact of a father’s relationship with his father has him being a father
– a father story from his journey
– The organization’s biggest challenge
– A success story

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