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Lia World Traveler (Lia Miller) is a wife and mother, professional diplomat, award-winning blogger, children’s book author, social inclusion and diversity advocate, DIY loc’d naturalista, avid reader, foodie, movie buff, sports and exercise enthusiast, passionate about the arts, news junkie, and a world traveler.

Recently, Ms. Miller was our show talking about her article Black voters showed up and showed out—now we want more.

During our conversation, Ms. Miller talked about:

– Some her background, how travel has been part of her family and her need to travel
– How did her writing journey begin
– How social justice become part of her journey
– Why did she write the article
– What are people in Bolivia saying about America
– The challenge and solution for Black America when it comes to: housing, healthcare, wage gap/employment
– Her biggest concerns for Black America
– Why she is happy that she is not living in America at this time
– how the immediate future of Black America is in the hands of Black women and the need for Black women to get involved in politics
– If Oprah should run for president
– How much faith does she have in the American political system to create meaningful change
– Black America and self-impowerment
– If America is ready to a serious conversation about race
– Her message to: white American women, white American men, Black American men, Black American women

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