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Every great team has a sparkplug, a unique energy source, an active ingredient… someone who helps to give the team a personality.

For Barefoot Brainstorming, that someone is Marilyn Barefoot. Classically trained in tier one companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, General Mills, Nike and Microsoft, Marilyn combines a wickedly smart and analytical brain with an intuitive gut.

A summa cum laude graduate from major advertising agencies like Vickers & Benson, Bozell Palmer Bonner, Cossette Communications and BBDO, Marilyn is obsessive about originality.

A three time nominee for the Rotman Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Marilyn Barefoot is also a much sought after speaker.

A hands-on leader, Marilyn’s high-energy brainstorming sessions (trademarked as BigStorming®) lead to powerful results.

Marilyn is the one who inspires teams to look at every client project as an opportunity to be original!

Ms. Barefoot was on our show talking about The Importance Of Storytelling In Business.

During our conversation, she talked about:

– some of her background including how she got into the world of advertising
– Via a story, what she learned from being in advertising
– What services that she offers
– How has the importance of storytelling in business has grown
– Do her client realize the importance of storytelling
– The importance of research in storytelling
– The effect that storytelling is having on organizations

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