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Known as The Coach for the Modern Soul, Matthew Solomon’s vision for the modern era is one that is rooted in the understanding that everything is based on relationships; whether they be romantic, familial, corporate or otherwise. From this space, Matthew stands with you in creating the life and experience that you truly desire.

As a coach, an author, and with his regular appearances on over 30 TV, radio, web and podcasts, Matthew has facilitated healing and transformation for individuals, couples, families, colleges and corporations.

Recently, Matthew was on our show talking about The Importance Of Listening To Heal To Racism, Sexism And Other Isms.

During the conversation, Matthew talked about:

– The state of listening in current culture and the fact that many of us are not taught to listen
– What makes a good listener
– Listening and sexism
– Listening opening up healing
– The impact that the media and heredity have had on sexism and racism
– Listening and racism
– If large companies listening to employees experiencing racism
– The need to uneducate many people about racism and sexism at an early age
– If sports the best place to combat racism and sexism

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