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Known as The Coach for the Modern Soul, Matthew Solomon’s vision for the modern era is one that is rooted in the understanding that everything is based on relationships; whether they be romantic, familial, corporate or otherwise. From this space, Matthew stands with you in creating the life and experience that you truly desire.

As a coach, an author, and with his regular appearances on over 30 TV, radio, web and podcasts, Matthew has facilitated healing and transformation for individuals, couples, families, colleges and corporations.

Recently, Matthew was live on our show talking about The State Of Men At The End Of The Decade.

During the conversation, Matthew talked about:

– Growing up as white Jewish male in West Hollywood part of Los Angeles, going to integrated schools and dealing with racial tension
– Becoming a coach
– The real uprooting in for men in the last three years due to the #MeToo movement online and how men were in the first seven years of the last decade
– How men are handling the changing times and how the protector and provider role changed for men over the last decade
– More men wanting a safe space to express themselves
– Many men being reluctant to take care of their emotions themselves
– How the world of relationships changed for men over the last decade
– Some of the challenges that men tell him they are facing
– It being easier for men to find their purpose
– How men in the corporate world handling more women in the workplace
– Are what men under thirty talking to him about the same things that men over thirty are talking about
– His vision for men in the next decade

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